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What makes online video classes better than other traditional methods of teaching?

In the past few years, video-based learning has gain popularity across the country and is a widely-accepted method of teaching students. It’s shorter, crispier and engaging nature has made it a trendy way to provide coaching to the students. The video classes grab hold of your learners’ attention in a manner other media cannot. And, with the advancement in digital technology, there is a significant demand for video-based learning among associations and constituent-based organisations.


Some of the reasons that push children and coaching institutes towards video-based learning are:

● Videos are a more effective means of learning as compared to other content types.

● Videos address different learning styles of a visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner.

● These video-based coaching classes support on-demand, bite-sized microlearning, teaching at the moment of need.

● It is one of the cost-effective solutions as part of professional education and training.

There are many coaching institutes that offer video classes for the preparation of various government exams. They provide SSC video-classes, Bank PO video classes, and video classes for other such subjects.

The human brain responds to visuals fast and better than text or any other kind of learning and is devoted towards processing the visual information. We all have noticed that when we see a thing, then we are able to remember it for a long time. Therefore we can say that students get to process information fast through video-based learning.

Videos encourage learning through demonstrations. The concepts that are difficult to understand in any other way are learnt by watching people perform or demonstrate the process. This demonstration makes learning easy and fast. Vidya Guru is one of the best institutes in Delhi that provide online preparation videos for various competitive examinations. It provides SSC online preparation videos, Bank PO online preparation videos, and IBPS online preparation videos, etc.

Another important aspect of online video classes is that they promote self-study. Anybody can do self-study through videos. These videos, audios, and webinars have a powerful impact on the brain, and it helps students to learn things that are sometimes difficult for a teacher to make students understand.

Videos have now dominated the classroom learning and are being widely used in both physical and online classrooms. This type of online video learning is also called distant learning, where students throughout the country can interact and collaborate with each other while learning.

These videos instruct students to perform various tasks by themselves without taking the help of teachers. This kind of teaching method has also reduced the burden on the teachers and has made teaching easy and efficient.

Videos offer students the power to make a visual representation of the real world and this form of contextualization is very useful in converting the abstract theories into visuals. This helps the students to develop a connection between the knowledge that is being transferred and its practical implementation.

Videos are one of the best ways to teach students through illustrations. The video-based learning clarifies the concept better than any other method of teaching. Thus, making video learning better than book learning. This type of teaching method creates a sense of presence that supports the cognitive as well as a social presence.

E-components are crucial for successful learning and are a powerful tool for learning things easily. There are many coaching institutes that conduct online lectures using video tutorials to make the learning process fun, effective, responsive and fruitful.

Apart from all these things, the video-based learning method offers endless opportunities to expose your students to different accents and dialects of English. It is a good idea to expose students to a range of English accents as it will help them in the upcoming future when they are moving to abroad for higher studies or jobs in and out of the country.

Therefore, we can say that video-based learning offers many benefits, and we should encourage its use in our classroom learning.

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