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Subjects Covered
  • NRA CET + Bank: 6500/-
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  • NRA CET + Bank & SSC: 8500/-

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Pen Drive / Online Coaching + Study Material + Test Series

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NRA CET Online Classes

As per the information provided by the Govt. of India, the National Recruitment Agency (NRA) has been designated to conduct the CET (Tier 1 Exam) for SSC, Railway and IBPS recruitments. Thus, a student must simultaneously prepare for both CET exam and the respective Mains Exams to be conducted by IBPS, SSC and Railways. Of course, when a student decides to sign up for Coaching Classes to successfully crack these exams, he/she wants nothing but the very best.

So, when students search for the Best NRA CET Online Coaching Classes for preparation, what exactly are they looking for? What do they have in mind? What do they expect from the NRA CET Preparation Institute that they are about to join?

What a Student WantsWhat Vidya Guru Offers
Effective TeachersIndia’s Best Faculty for Govt. Job Exams with an excellent Success Record
A Reliable InstituteA Top Institute Renowned among Students for 100% Exam Oriented Teaching
Study Material for PracticeError Free & Updated Study Material for Quality Learning
Knowledge of ShortcutsSpeed Tricks Based Teaching
Doubt ClearingComplete Doubt Clearing & Problem Solving
Mock TestsOnline Mock Test Series with Detailed Explanations
Coaching Mustn’t be Very ExpensiveAffordable Fee without any Quality Compromise
Language of Teaching should not be a problemOnline Coaching Courses in 2 Mediums

Complete English & Bilingual (Hindi + English)

(I) NRA CET Course for Bank Exams

  • Exams Covered: NRA CET Preliminary Exam + IBPS PO & Clerk, SBI PO & Clerk, IBPS Regional Rural Banks (Officer & Assistant Grade) and Manpial/NIIT PGDBF Entrance Exams.
  • Subjects Covered: Mathematics (Quantitative Aptitude), English, Reasoning (Mental Ability), General Knowledge, Banking Awareness and Current Affairs
  • Validity: 1 Year

(II) NRA CET Course for SSC Exams

  • Exams Covered: NRA CET Prelims (Tier 1) Exam + SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level), SSC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level or 10+2 Level), SSC CAPF / CPO (Central Armed Police Forces / Central Police Organizations), SSC MTS (Multi Tasking Staff or 10th Level) and SSC Stenographer Exams.
  • Subjects Covered: Mathematics (Quantitative Aptitude), English, Reasoning (Mental Ability), General Studies, and Current Affairs
  • Validity: 1 Year

(III) NRA CET General Competition (SSC + Bank) Course

  • Exams Covered: NRA CET Prelim (Tier 1) Exam + SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CAPF / CPO, SSC MTS, SSC Stenographer, IBPS PO & Clerk, SBI PO & Clerk, IBPS RRB (Officer & Assistant Grade) and Manpial / NIIT PGDBF Entrance Exams.
  • Subjects Covered: Mathematics (Quantitative Aptitude), English, Reasoning (Mental Ability), General Knowledge & General Studies, Banking Awareness and Current Affairs.
  • Validity: 1 Year

Need for Online NRA CET Coaching Classes

What is the need for joining Coaching for NRA CET in the first place? The answer to this question lies in the benefits that you will be getting from joining a Top quality institute such as Vidya Guru. Let’s have a look.

Top 10 Benefits of Online NRA CET Classes

(1) Strong Concept Building: Conceptual Clarity is the 1st stage of preparation for any examination. This is followed by Subject-Wise Practice (the 2nd stage) where you attempt further questions to improve your command of the subject matter. In order to confidently move to the 2nd stage, it is critical to build a strong foundation at the start. Covering any topic from the basics is essential because it paves way for subsequent progress. Signing up for a quality NRA CET Online Course is of immense benefit because it helps you develop a strong base across all subjects. You may be good at a certain subject or two, but in order to crack the exam with a high score, you have to perform equally well in all areas. Being unable to handle the preparation for diverse subjects such as Math, English, Reasoning , Current Affairs and GK, many students fail to simultaneously clear even the sectional cut-offs. Such self preparation mostly results in several unsuccessful attempts and loss of precious years, which can be easily avoided by signing up for our classes.

(2) Awesome Improvement in Speed: Nothing can take place of the shortcuts and speed tricks you can learn from our experts renowned for providing the Best NRA CET Coaching in India in English and Hindi mediums. Because if you continue to solve questions through the step-based methods learnt in school, you will lag way behind in the competition. Remember, all aptitude examinations are a game of speed and accuracy. With the final cut-offs scores increasing every year, you hardly stand a chance without following the short-trick-based problem solving approach that is the key to cracking a Govt. Job competitive exam. To know more about this approach, check out our YouTube Channel Videos.

(3) Anytime, Anywhere Learning: Since our courses offer you the complete learning material from day 1, you can self pace your learning depending upon your convenience. Although we provide you with an indicative study plan, yet the control is completely in your hands. You can start from any topic you feel like and watch our Online Videos in whichever sequence you are comfortable with. It offers you complete freedom to learn and crack the exam in a way that suits you best. To ensure that you have ample time to cover all the concepts and even revise them thoroughly, we offer 1-Year validity on all our courses. You don’t have to speed through the topics only to finish the syllabus. Just single-mindedly focus on your learning and cracking the exam!!

As a Coaching Centre committed to helping our students to the fullest, we provide you UNLIMITED views on all our Video Lectures. You can watch any course video any number of times. If you find a certain topic difficult, don’t worry. You can always play the video again and revise all the concepts. So, now you have a 24×7 tutor from whom you can learn a concept as many times as you want. There is just no possibility of your being unable to grasp something. If the internet speed is a concern, choose the Pen Drive Course instead. All you require is a Windows PC with 2 USB ports. It may be a desktop or a laptop; anything will do. You need not worry about the internet speed or any downtime.

(4) Greatly Reduced Time & Effort: With our Online / Pen Drive Course there is no need to travel every day to a Coaching Centre. You can now learn from the comfort of your home. You can avoid all the fatigue and easily prevent the loss of countless hours of to-and-fro commuting. Moreover, you save the money spent on travelling. The money saved so will alone cover nearly 60-70% of the fee for this Coaching Course.

Further, if you find it difficult to present yourself daily in an institute for attending Coaching Classes, then an Online Course is the best option for you. The greatest advantage of the course is the flexibility it provides you with. It helps you draw the maximum benefit from the time you invest in learning. Learning on the go can be a great plus especially for those who have to travel via some means of public transport. Through our Online Video Course, you can instantly login from your smartphone and start learning any time. It completely does away with the hassle of attending live classes where you have to login without fail every day at a specific time. With our Course you don’t have to keep yourself unoccupied for several months to attend the face-to-face classroom coaching or to just login daily so that you don’t skip a live session.

With us, you will never miss out on a class because of sickness, any personal commitments or some unavoidable circumstances. Everything has been taken care of. No hassles of any backup class. Just login anytime you want and go through the topic which you have planned to cover.

(5) Accuracy Improvement & Time Management: In any aptitude examination, time is really scarce and you are under a lot of pressure to attempt as many questions as possible. This is where a lot of mistakes take place and your accuracy goes down. Almost all competitive exams have a provision for negative marking. Thus, if you make mistakes or indulge in guesswork the overall score comes down drastically. However, all this can be prevented if you learn from our subject matter experts who have rich experience of guiding thousands of Govt. Job aspirants to success. As teachers, we can analyze the pain points and shortcomings of students and mentor them in such a way that they make very few mistakes. Once the accuracy has been improved to the desired level, it is time to guide our students to learn the finer aspects of test taking such as; the most appropriate question selection, managing sectional cut-offs and maximizing the overall score.

(6) Timely Course Coverage: The syllabus for the exam is really vast and it needs to be completed in a short span of time. The syllabus has to be covered in the right depth while ensuring that you miss out on none of the topics. However, when students try to cover the syllabus themselves they devote maximum time to their favorite subject. This results in a neglect of other subjects and eventually a poor performance in the exam. To avoid any such scenario, we take 100% care in teaching all the topics that are relevant from the exam perspective. As an Online NRA Coaching Course student, at Vidya Guru, there is no need for you to keep worrying about whether your syllabus will get completed before the exam. Through our Online Videos Classes and Pen Drive Lectures, you can systematically go through the full syllabus even if you have limited time at hand. They can be the perfect Short-Term Crash Course when you are hard pressed to cover all the topics quickly.

(7) Consistent Study Schedule: If you haven’t started preparing already for the upcoming NRA Preliminary examination, then you must do so at the earliest. In this regard, studying regularly is a must. Just like in other walks of life, Consistency is the hallmark of success in a competitive examination too. But it is a known fact that sticking to a schedule is a tough task. To remain consistent in your preparation, there is nothing better than signing up for our Coaching Courses. Topic-wise syllabus and model study plan are provided to all our students. It ensures that you can utilize your time effectively and maintain a disciplined schedule. The course is structured in such way that you can learn the most within the stipulated time frame. Along with an in-depth understanding of the exam pattern, a consistent schedule is of greatest significance in helping a candidate crack the exam.

(8) Reliable Doubt Clearing & Mentoring: Without the guidance of expert faculty, the questions you are unable to answer will always remain unanswered. This can be a really frustrating experience. Seeking answers from friends and fellow aspirants is rarely helpful. A friend or a fellow aspirant may know how to solve a question, but he/she does not know the explanation part and how to make you understand the solution. Moreover, these answers are just not reliable. Even the answers you get on various websites are often incorrect have no credibility at all.

Regular doubt clearing from expert teachers results in real progress in your preparation. Because of it you learn to solve even the most difficult questions and are able to improve your test scores. A quality mentor knows the answers to your questions. Such a mentor makes even a complex explanation really simple so that you can grasp it easily.

(9) Simulated Mock Tests for Performance Assessment: Before attempting the final exam, it is required for you to check your performance as many times as possible. You must condition yourself consciously to face the pressure of a high stake examination. Only when you become proficient in minimizing the mistakes that take place due to stress and limited time, can you get a merit-list-worthy score. The Online Mocks we offer are designed in such a way as to help you acquire the requisite test-taking skills. This test series not only provides you with a perfect collection of simulated questions, but also gives detailed explanations for them. Attempting these tests will help you develop a fail-safe overall strategy to improve your aggregate score and demonstrate your competence across all sections of the exam.

(10) In-depth Understanding of the Exam Pattern: Most students have little understanding of the exam pattern. Being unaware of the nitty gritty of the syllabus is a major hurdle in their learning. Getting a competitive score in the exam is next to impossible if one lacks the understanding of the nature of questions asked and their difficulty level. One must be absolutely sure about the topic-wise breakup of questions because different competitive exams have different areas of focus. For example, in IBPS exams, you can expect questions from Mensuration, but not other areas of Geometry. However, in an SSC examination, questions are based on diverse geometrical concepts such as: 2-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional and even Coordinate geometry. Similarly, the English language section of SSC exams has questions on One Word Substitution, Idioms and Phrases, whereas in a Banking exam you won’t find such questions.

Taking care of all such aspects is a challenging task which may easily wear you down. That is where our courses will make your life much easier. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of Govt. Job entrance exams. They have developed 100% exam oriented courses that ensure well targeted preparation. These courses cater to the highly specific requirements of the IBPS and SSC exams you will have to appear in after the NRA CET Exam.

NRA CET Online Coaching courses

About the Course

  • 100% New Updated Pattern
  • Live Online Classes
  • On-time Syllabus Completion
  • Excellent Faculty
  • Online Test Series (20+ Mocks)
  • Ample Doubt Classes

Benefits of the Course

  • Excellent Style of Teaching
  • Live Interaction with Faculty
  • Complete Doubt Clearing
  • Backup of Missed Classes
  • Shortcuts & Tricks for Quant
  • Covers CLAT, AILET & SET Law

Modifier-I (EM)

Math Calculation Tricks


  • 1. Which examinations does the Online NRA Coaching Course cover?
    • Our course covers IBPS, SSC and General Competitive Exams. Based on your preference, you can opt for any of the following: (a) NRA CET Banking (b) NRA CET SSC (c) NRA CET General Competition (SSC + Bank).

  • 2. What will be the validity of these NRA Online Coaching Classes / Pen Drive Videos?
    • The validity will be 12 Months from the date we launch your course. This validity will ensure that you are able to comfortably cover the entire syllabus and complete one full cycle of Banking and SSC recruitments.

  • 3. How can I purchase the Vidya Guru Online NRA CET Preparation Course / Pen Drive Lectures?
    • Call any of our student support numbers: 9650549487 / 9650549587 / 9654899726. Our student representatives will guide you on how to buy this superb course. You can easily make the payment online by following the steps below:
      (I) Click on the “Enroll Now” button. It will direct you to the registration page.
      (II) On the registration page, you need to fill some basic details and choose the course you wish to buy.
      (III) Click on the ‘Proceed to Pay’ button; it will take you to the payment gateway.
      (IV) Complete the payment using net banking / mobile wallet / debit card or credit card.
      (V) Once the payment is successful, an automated E-mail will be sent on your registered mail id.

  • 4. What is the language of teaching in this Pen Drive / Online NRA CET Exam Preparation Course?
    • Our Coaching course is offered in two mediums: Complete English and Bilingual (Hindi + English). The course in Complete English medium has been created especially for our South Indian and North Eastern students because they often find it difficult to understand Hindi.

  • 5. Which exams does the NRA CET Banking course cover?
    • Along with the NRA CET Preliminary examination, this course will prepare you for the Mains Exams conducted for IBPS PO, Clerk and Regional Rural Banks (Officer & Assistant Grade) vacancies.  Moreover, SBI Probationary Officer & Clerk and Manpial / NIIT PGDBF Entrance Examinations will be covered as well.

  • 6. Which exams get covered within the NRA CET SSC course?
    • Apart from the NRA CET Tier 1 exam, the course is going to prepare you for the Mains Exams of SSC CGL, CHSL, CAPF / CPO and Stenographer recruitments. It comprehensively covers the aptitude subjects: Math (Quant), English Language, Current Affairs, Reasoning and General Knowledge.

  • 7. Does this Coaching Course include Interview preparation also?
    • After cracking the Mains exam, students are shortlisted for the interview process by IBPS and SBI. Faculty members at the Institute offer individual guidance to the shortlisted students to help them crack these Banking interviews. Students targeting the SSC and Railway examinations need not undertake interview preparation because in these examinations no interview round is there.

  • 8. I have made the payment for Online Video Course / Pen Drive. How soon can I expect the course to be launched?
    • Upon successful payment, it takes 24 to 48 working hours to launch your online course. However, if you have chosen the Pen Drive course, then the same gets dispatched within 72 working hours on the address you provide us with.

  • 9. Is the Fee for the Online / Pen Drive Course refundable?
    • Kindly note our course fee is Non-Refundable. We have made demo videos available on the Home Page of the website. Moreover, we regularly publish Video lectures by our expert faculty on Vidya Guru YouTube channel so as to help you determine the content quality and teaching style of our Coaching course. It is recommended that you clarify all doubts and queries at the start by speaking with our student support executives to take an informed and confident decision. To connect with our online team, you can call on any of the following numbers: 9650549487 / 9650549587 / 9654899726.

  • 10. Is the copying or download of the Online course videos possible?
    • No. Downloading or copying of the course videos isn’t allowed. However, you can watch these videos ‘N’ number of times. Watch a video as many times as required. There is no limitation on that.

  • 11. How do I evaluate my progress?
    • You can assess the progress of your exam preparation effectively by attempting Online Mocks and Section-Wise Tests provided in our Test Series. These tests closely simulate the NRA CET, Banking PO / Clerk and SSC CGL / CHSL examinations that you are targeting.

  • 12. Are both Pen Drive and Online Course provided to a student?
    • Once you have successfully made the Online payment, it is upto you to choose between Pen Drive Videos and the Online Course. You can opt for either of the two. If you have access to stable internet connectivity with a speed of 2MBPS or more, then we recommend the Online Course. However, if you are not sure about the internet connectivity, then simply go ahead with our Pen Drive course.

  • 13. Is the Pen Drive Course compatible with a smart phone? What are the hardware specifications to access the Pen Drive course on a Laptop / Desktop / Tablet?
    • The Pen Drive course is not compatible with a Smart Phone. If you are looking to watch our videos on a Smart Phone, then it is the Online Course you should opt for. However, the Pen Drive course is compatible with a Windows PC. To access it, there must be 2 functional USB ports on your computer system.

  • 14. How will I get access to the study material?
    • The Study Material (Hard Copy) will be dispatched on the address you provide us with. Once the study material has been dispatched, you will receive the POD number for tracking the delivery of your parcel. It is suggested that you opt for our complete package comprising Online Videos / Pen Drive, Study Material and Test Series. The complete package ensures that you have all the Top learning resources to crack the exam.

  • 15. I want to apply for SSC, Banking and other Govt. jobs as well. Which course should I choose?
    • Like most students, if you are also inclined to attempt multiple Govt. Job exams, you should buy our NRA CET General Competition course. The Video Lectures in this course cover Quant (Math), English, Reasoning, General Knowledge & General Studies, Banking Awareness and Current Affairs. So, the Aptitude part of almost all Govt. Job exams gets covered comprehensively. It is our view that as a student, you should keep your options open and apply for multiple vacancies in SSC, Banking, Insurance, Intelligence Bureau, Railways etc. Thus, opting for the NRA CET General Competition course is the most appropriate decision.

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