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Video classrooms: The new way of learning

In a world full of jobs at multi-national companies, India is a country where government jobs are still considered as the best career option. And the reason behind this is the several long-term benefits that come with an occupation in the public sector. From job security to financial benefits, from government-provided residential apartments to a no-pressure working environment, these jobs are the real goals of 80% of Indian families.

Now, since more than half of the population looks up to government jobs for one or the other benefit makes it necessary for these jobs a privilege only some can have. For these government jobs, one has to go through several competitive exams to secure a position. SSC, also known as Staff Selection Commission, is the governing body that takes care of the recruitment process for the government. Job positions in all the ministries and departments of the Indian government fall under the scope of SSC. 

Various competitive exams, including SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, SSC Multitasking, Selection Post, Central Police Organization (CPO), Stenographer, etc., are organized by SSC every year. For only ten thousand job positions, lakhs of candidates apply from all over India. However, hardly a few thousand of these get through the exams. 

Because of the complex nature of these exams, it is almost impossible to crack these exams without any formal coaching or training. Self-study and focus are not enough for this. One must enroll in coaching classes that specifically focus on SSC related examinations.

With the ever-growing technology, even the SSC coaching classes have become modern and easily accessible. Gone are the days when enrolling in a coaching center was a problem. Earlier, aspiring candidates would face difficulty due to the unavailability of conveyance or physical classrooms, nearby. Today, a lot of institutes are providing various types of services for students preparing for government exams. These services include video classes, online preparation videos, online reading material, etc.

To explain further, SSC video classes are just a video conferencing system wherein the lecturer/teacher is available on your computer via video connectivity. This makes them easily reachable, irrespective of their physical location. Works just like a regular classroom teaching, these online classes are gaining more and more popularity among students who are unable to access a physical coaching center. 

Moreover, SSC online preparation videos are another form of learning for the students. Some of the coaching centers that cannot offer a video class facility do share preparatory video links with their students to help them learn in a new, interactive way.

Also, with several YouTube channels available now, students can do their research on various topics and improve their knowledge base. 

Given below is a list of popular YouTube channels that are free-of-cost learning method for aspiring students:

  1. Vidya Guru
  2. Adda247
  3. Mahendra Guru
  4. Examपुर
  5. Revolution by Education
  6. Dear Sir
  7. Pinnacle Coaching
  8. Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication
  9. Let’s Study
  10. Unacademy
  11. Free Siksha

The best part about these channels is the variety of videos. From separate series for different subjects to videos talking about tricks, the internet has made everything available at a click’s distance. With the option of paid memberships being made available, most of these YouTube channels are doing well with several thousand followers. 

These YouTube channels also have proper websites wherein you can reach out to them for in-depth study. So it is just like a coaching center, but without any other students to distract or the tension of commuting back-and-forth between home and your coaching center.

In the end, learning is all that matters. These video-based classes are just another form of teaching. In the end, it is the students who need to remain dedicated to their goal.

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