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Top Vocabulary Quiz by the Best Online IBPS Coaching Classes

English Language in the competitive examinations can be divided into three parts – comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. Whereas the learnings in the other two sections are limited and you can finish them without any issue, the syllabus of vocabulary is never ending. Vocabulary simply implies the stock of words. But is it possible to have unlimited stock of words? It is practically impossible. So, how to go ahead in this section? Is there no other way out for the candidates?

Vocabulary questions can be divided into two segments – Contextual Vocabulary and Direct Vocabulary. Contextual Vocab means questions from reading comprehension, cloze test etc. whereas the direct vocab questions include synonyms, antonyms etc. The first type can be solved with the help of your reading capability and regular practice in Banking PO and SSC CGL Online Coaching Classes at Vidya Guru. The second part can be mastered only through continuous acquisition of word power and creating mind maps to retain the meaning and application of such words.

Our objective is to assimilate the meanings of the words that we learn. That can be best done through learning the application of such words. Once you see a word in a sentence that registers in your mind more strongly. Apart from that, association of a word with a real-life situation also helps in retaining the words and their meanings.

With that in mind, we have decided to start with a series to help you learn words in an organic manner. These quizzes are more important in terms of learning, rather than your score in these quizzes. So, do not get disheartened if you score poorly in it.

Having said all these, let us move on to the quiz. Try it, attempt the questions but more importantly, learn the meanings of the words and their application.

Direction (Q. 1-20): Find out the correct word that is similar in meaning to the given words.

1. Acumen

A. Comply
B. Abrogate
C. Brilliance
D. Disjoining

Sol: Option C

Ex. His business acumen is very good and that can be seen from his achievement in this arena.

2. Servile

A. Subservient
B. Moderate
C. Proliferate
D. Renounce

Sol: Option A

Ex. All the ministers bowed their heads in a servile manner.

3. Vain

A. Inflexible
B. Abortive
C. Courtesy
D. Sanction

Sol: Option B

Ex. The tail-enders made a vain attempt to win the match by chasing down 400 runs in the 4th innings of the test match.

4. Arraign

A. Escalate
B. Aggravate
C. Incriminate
D. Alleviate

Sol: Option C

Ex. Agatha’s father was arraigned on the charges of murder of his whole family.

5. Adage

A. Tumult
B. Absurdity
C. Axiom
D. Acrimony

Sol: Option C

Ex. The old adage ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ applies perfectly to the management of the company.

6. Coarse

A. Baroque
B. Benign
C. Erotic
D. Vulgar

Sol: Option D

Ex. Such coarse behaviour was not at all expected from him because he had also suffered such things in his initial days.

7. Calculating

A. Obdurate
B. Shrewd
C. Timid
D. Competent

Sol: Option B

Ex. The people of that state are normally very calculative and they do not spend anything without something in return.

8. Conspicuous

A. Conflicting
B. Contrarian
C. Prominent
D. Vitriolic

Sol: Option C

Ex. He was conspicuous by his absence in the annual general meeting of the company for the second consecutive year.

9. Lionized

A. Acclaimed
B. Carnal
C. Covert
D. Furtive

Sol: Option A

Ex. In India, cricketers are lionized too much and that often affects the performance of the players.

10. Bawdy

A. Boorish
B. Undaunted
C. Typical
D. Chaste

Sol: Option A

Ex. His jokes are bawdy to say the least but the audience simply loves them.

11. Pernicious

A. Derogatory
B. Destructive
C. Petite
D. Acquisitive

Sol: Option B

Ex. The pernicious effects of social media cannot be ignored since it is hampering the children and teenagers mainly.

12. Exultation

A. Eccentric
B. Eloquence
C. Ecstasy
D. Diminution

Sol: Option C

Ex. The whole batch started laughing in exultation upon hearing the news of their placement.

13. Exterminate

A. Precise
B. Construe
C. Eradicate
D. Demur

Sol: Option C

Ex. After exterminating the religious structures, the invaders went ahead with demolition of the other buildings as well.

14. Vacillate

A. Strife
B. Fluctuate
C. Alienate
D. Forsake

Sol: Option B

Ex. We had to vacillate between the sports club and the placement committee for the whole day to get our work done.

15. Providence

A. Agitated
B. Subdued
C. Frugality
D. Satiating

Sol: option C

Ex. Providence is a very good way to accumulate wealth over the long term even with a moderate income.

16. Altruism

A. Aversion
B. Pretension
C. Generosity
D. Stinginess

Sol: Option C

Ex. Out of sheer altruism, he has decided to set up a clinic and treat the elderly people in the village.

17. Immaculate

A. Prosaic
B. Riveting
C. Brewing
D. Unsullied

Sol: Option D

Ex. He holds an immaculate reputation among his peers because of his dedication and intelligence.

18. Impute

A. Exculpate
B. Ascribe
C. Encroach
D. Vitiate

Sol: Option B

Ex. These crimes should be imputed to all of the members of his family since all of them led to his death.

19. Indigent

A. Insipid
B. Vapid
C. Insolvent
D. Intricate

Sol: Option C

Ex. The government has started a scheme for the welfare of the indigent farmers in the country.

20. Censure

A. Conspiracy
B. Jejune
C. Invective
D. Intrinsic

Sol: Option C

Ex. The freelancers were censured by the content managers for not completing the assignments on time.

With this, we come to the end of the first set of our vocabulary quizzes. Go through it, learn new words and their application and assimilate their meanings. This is the most important thing when you are learning new words.
We are going to publish a lot of quizzes, study materials, questions, etc. on all the relevant subjects such as Quant, Reasoning, General Awareness etc. to help you clear the examination with ease.

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All the Best!!

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