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Tips To Maintain Concentration While Preparation

Attention and concentration are major aspects while studying because, without the correct attention level, students cannot understand anything in their education. We see many cases where people clear the exam by studying only for 5 and 6 hours a day while some cannot make it in spite of preparing for 14 to 16 hours a day. The major difference between these two kinds of students is their concentration levels. No matter how many hours you dedicate to the studies, if you do not prepare wisely with full concentration, you will find it difficult to clear the exam. Here we present some important tips to help you in maintaining your concentration level during preparation.

Study goals

No matter, you are preparing through Online SSC CGL Exam Video Courses or studying in a regular coaching class, the first step should be setting a study goal. Students should set a target to achieve in each study session such as the exact number of questions to solve and chapters to cover during their preparation per day.

Intervals and short breaks

The human brain works like a machine that needs to be refreshed for sustaining the productivity levels. Thus, it’s suggested to take short breaks of 10 minutes during the study session. In this break, you should keep your mind free from overthinking and use the time to listen to a song or go for a walk. It will help you to keep your mind refreshed and also maintain your concentration levels.

Follow an effective learning method

You can make the preparation process quite exciting by using various study methods such as taking important notes, making diagrams, creating infographics and making condensations of significant points of the subject to aid you remember it fast. These kinds of methods help a lot in maintaining your focus and concentration level for a longer time.

Avoid using mobile

Last but the important thing to remember is to avoid using mobile and other kinds of disturbing means. These devices can affect the study atmosphere and make it easy for you to get distracted and lose focus.

In addition, keep track of each time your brain strolls during study time. It would aid you to comprehend the exact number of time you lose your focus, which can encourage you to improve your concentration.

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