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Super Vocabulary Quiz by the Best Coaching for CDS Exam

A very warm welcome to all our Shishyas

We hope you all are hale and hearty and completely focused on the task at hand. The competition is undoubtedly intense and the stakes are quite high, but with a positive mindset and exam oriented preparation we shall overcome all the odds.

Mentors from India’s Best Online CDS Coaching Classes & Govt. Job Preparation Institute, Vidya Guru have come to your aid now. So, you need not worry at all. All you need to do is work in the right direction.

Although we cannot really go out, yet we can engage in learning exercises inside our homes. So, let’s get started with our journey towards a stronger English language vocabulary bank.

Here, we would like to discuss something we have observed from years of our interaction with exam aspirants. The fear with English is that it is a foreign language and many are not comfortable with it may be because of the educational background or psychological barrier against learning this language. You have to start thinking in English if you really want to embrace this language. Think about your mother tongue, if somebody says something wrong, you identify it quickly and the same skill has to be developed in English grammar and vocabulary. Then you will be able to identify the mistakes easily.

Okay, so enough of our Guru Gyaan!! Let us move to the quiz that we have brought to you in this set. We have told you earlier also that do not focus on your marks in these quizzes, but learn and apply the words in other contexts. That is our main motto through these quizzes.

Direction (Q. 1-20): Find the word that is similar in meaning to the given word.

Question 1. Relinquish

  1. Abash
  2. Abandon
  3. Abridge
  4. Abet

Solution: Option 2

Example: They relinquished their rights without thinking twice about the consequences.

Question 2. Abrogate

  1. Rescind
  2. Abstemious
  3. Elongate
  4. Curtain

Solution: Option 1

Example: The agreement was abrogated by both the countries with mutual consent.

Question 3. Ovation

  1. Dissension
  2. Accolade
  3. Obtuseness
  4. Suave

Solution: Option 2

Example: He deserves a standing ovation for the soulful rendition of the song.

Question 4. Spur

  1. Incite
  2. Fluster
  3. Assent
  4. Tribute

Solution: Option 1

Example: The aim of education should be to spur the interest and curiosity of children towards learning newer things.

Question 5. Cohort

  1. Adversary
  2. Confederate
  3. Affliction
  4. Brusque

Solution: Option 2

Example: They have hired a cohort of like-minded people who can sail the company through in these tough times.

Question 6. Affable

  1. Impecunious
  2. Friendly
  3. Diffident
  4. Surly

Solution: Option 2

Example: You are fortunate enough to get such an affable life partner as Emily.

Question 7. Rancor

  1. Amity
  2. Refraction
  3. Affinity
  4. Enmity

Solution: Option 4

Example: Even at the party, James addressed us with rancor though we have not done anything against him or his family.

Question 8. Armistice

  1. Facsimile
  2. Adept
  3. Deceit
  4. Truce

Solution: Option 4

Example: The government has decided to sign an armistice with the insurgents to stop all the violence going on in the country.

Question 9. Recant

  1. Disavow
  2. Askance
  3. Indolent
  4. Slothful

Solution: Option 1

Example: They were punished since they did not recant from their stand of not cooperating with the authorities in the city.

Question 10. Avarice

  1. Askew
  2. Banal
  3. Cupidity
  4. Chaff

Solution: Option 3

Example: Nathan’s avarice will bring him down as he is never satisfied with anything.

Question 11. Pugnacious

  1. Conciliatory
  2. Bellicose
  3. Disinterested
  4. Magnanimous

Solution: Option 2

Example: The statements made by the minister became pugnacious and everybody was hurt by them.

Question 12. Cadaverous

  1. Cacophonous
  2. Bumptious
  3. Cabal
  4. Gaunt

Solution: Option 4

Example: Sally looked very pale and cadaverous and it became essential for us to take her to the doctor immediately.

Question 13. Bucolic

  1. Pastoral
  2. Ranting
  3. Pompous
  4. Dejected

Solution: Option 1

Example: The place is so pleasant only because of its bucolic setting.

Question 14. Captious

  1. Evasive
  2. Outspoken
  3. Carping
  4. Ludicrous

Solution: Option 3

Example: We have never seen such a captious reviewer as him in our entire life.

Question 15. Dolorous

  1. Dynamic
  2. Opinionated
  3. Lugubrious
  4. Edict

Solution: Option 3

Example: Such a dolorous tale should not be narrated to young students at all as it will disturb their minds.

Question 16. Entreat

  1. Supplicate
  2. Stray
  3. Fleeting
  4. Erratic

Solution: Option 1

Example: His parents entreated him not to go there at any cost.

Question 17. Expedient

  1. Impromptu
  2. Defunct
  3. Opportune
  4. Extant

Solution: Option 3

Example: You should opt out of this marriage if it is not expedient for you to stay married.

Question 18. Idiosyncrasy

  1. Renowned
  2. Preeminent
  3. Supposition
  4. Foible

Solution: Option 4

Example: Normally couples tolerate the foibles of each other happily.

Question 19. Insidious

  1. Innocuous
  2. Crafty
  3. Cryptic
  4. Fomenting

Solution: Option 2

Example: A plot such as this can be hatched only by somebody who is really insidious by nature.

Question 20. Choleric

  1. Irascible
  2. Placid
  3. Monotonous
  4. Jaunty

Solution: Option 1

Example: The new director seemed to be a choleric character especially because he has not behaved well with anybody till date.

That is all from our side this time. As we have said time and again, our endeavor is to make you comfortable in what you are supposed to learn so that when you write the examination, you are daring enough to go there and attempt the paper without any apprehension. That comes with practice, confidence and also self-assessment.

The simple thing is that you should know yourself well, or else, you will never be able to crack the examinations. If you are good at something, exploit that to fetch marks. On the other hand, if you are not that good at something, hone your skills so that you can get yourself comfortable in that area also.

On that note, we leave you to ponder over what we have discussed above. Learn the words, assimilate the meanings and also application. Come back with more zeal to solve the next quiz. Make sure you don’t forget to subscribe to Vidya Guru’s YouTube Channel for Banking, SSC and Online CDS Exam Preparation in both Hindi and English languages. We keep coming up with awesome content regularly on Vidya Guru Blog. So, do follow this space as well.

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All the Best!!

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