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Successful Approach to a Psychometric Test in Bank Recruitment Exam

Psychometric tests are becoming an integral part of the current banking examinations. After being introduced in the IBPS examination, it is now a part of the BOB Manipal School of Banking’s recruitment test. Before going ahead with the tips on clearing this test, it is important to understand this test and the logic behind including this test by IBPS.

Understanding a Psychometric test?

Psychometric tests are both standard and scientific method by which an individual’s mental competences and behavioural style can be measured. These tests are designed to quantify candidate’s aptness for the job role based on the vital personality traits and/or on his cognitive abilities. Employers often make use of the information collected via these tests to uncover the hidden aspects of candidates that are otherwise difficult to judge through a personal interview.

What is the right approach to a Psychometric test

a) Be yourself – This is the first and foremost thing you should do while you are appearing for a psychometric test. Also, this is the purpose of the test, the test is being conducted to know you as a person. Hence, be as realistic as possible, be yourself and answer the questions without thinking too much about the impression it will have on the examiners.

b) Do not overthink – Spontaneity and honesty is the key to success and this is especially true when you are appearing for a test like this. Maintaining this attitude will ensure great scores. Don’t try to be politically correct, portrait what you are and not somebody else.

c) 100% attempt is important – Make sure you attempt all the questions. Also, it is important to familiarize yourself with the content and format of the test, which is possible if you enrol yourself in an online preparation for IBPS exam. Familiarity with the type of questions will get the candidate to a competitive edge.

d) Practice test online – Prepare and practice the test as you would do for other parts of the IBPS. The test is administered online, hence it is important that you train for your psychometric test using the same medium, which is online.

e) Pay attention to your English vocabulary – Start preparing for the test by reading the newspaper and other material provided by the IBPS Online Coaching classes. This will ensure that your English vocabulary is up-to-date and will help in grasping the verbal aptitude test questions quicker, faster answering and thus improved score.

f) Get yourself in good physical and mental shape – Don’t be too hard on yourself. It is important to feel good and at your best to produce a good result. Make sure you are not tired and have rested well before the test.

As intimidating as Psychometric Tests often appear, the path to success and attaining a top score is preparation and practice. It’s a new phenomenon, being introduced as an experimental test by IBPS in various bank recruitment examinations. It is becoming increasingly popular and hence there are chances that we might get more of it happening in the near future. Though now it is just a qualifying test, in future, the marks scored by a candidate might be added to the final score as well.Hence, for now, it is important to appear for the test. Not much preparation is needed, just speak your heart out and you will pass with flying colours.

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