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SSC Online Coaching Classes Offering Coding Decoding Preparation Tips

Every SSC aspirant knows this fact that SSC is one among many reputed and most competitive recruitment exams that tests candidate’s ability based on General knowledge, Reasoning, English and Quantitative Aptitude with sections carrying same weightage or marks. Be that as it may, questions for some sections are simple and does not require much time, while questions from others are exceptionally cumbersome and tedious. However, there is one section that showcases a perfect blend of questions from easier ones to tough ones and that section is the Coding and Decoding under Reasoning section.

As mentioned above, Coding-Decoding falls under Reasoning ability section and this section has an amazing quality- the candidates can either attempt question from this section quite brilliantly or end up wasting a lot of time without getting correct answers. This issue has just one solution – Practice, Practise and More Practice via SSC video lectures from a reputed source.

In this blog, we will be discussing the various coding-decoding model with helpful tips and tricks to handle different sorts of questions. However, before going ahead with the concepts, tips and tricks, let’s give all our aspirants a quick introduction to the topic – What is coding-decoding?

As the name suggests, coding-decoding is a method of communicating data among sender and receiver in a scrambled or encrypted manner. Before passing the data, it is encoded and finally delivered through any medium. At receiver’s end, data received is decoded to retrieve the actual data. The purpose is to keep data safe while preventing the same from getting leaked or corrupted.

Other than it, Coding-decoding has a big role to play in many competitive or recruitment exams, which also include banking sector exams and SSC. The section follows the same concept and approach with varying difficulty levels for Tier-1 and 2 examinations. All in all, there are four types of questions that can be asked in the SSC exam

a) Letter Coding
b) Substitution
c) Mixed number coding
d) Mixed letter coding

Now, let’s discuss how to solve all these types for that perfect score-

1) State numbers or alphabets in the question.
2) Determine the sequence or pattern in ascending, descending or any other pattern
i) The position of the alphabets (A=1, B=2, C=3, ……. Y=25, Z=26)
ii) Opposite position of the alphabets (Z=26, Y=25, X=24, ……, B=2, A=1)
iii) Opposite for each alphabet (opposite of ‘A’ is ‘Z’, etc.)

Letter coding

For this type, the alphabets for a word are replaced by other alphabets. For example- SUCCESS is to TVDDFTT. How will SCISSORS be encoded?

The solution to this code is, each alphabet is incremented by one, subsequently, the answer to SCISSORS would be TDJTTPST.


For this type, words/names are substituted with other words/names. Hence, the candidate has to precisely follow the substitution to retrieve the correct answer. For example: If a peacock is known as a parrot, the parrot is known as a sparrow and the sparrow is known as a pigeon. Which is the national bird of India?

The actual answer to this question is Peacock but peacock in this question is parrot. Hence, answer to this question is parrot.

Mixed Letter Coding

As the name suggests, the question type involves 3-4 questions in a coded language and finally, the code for a specific word/name is asked. Let’s explain this type with an example –

Code –

‘ish lto inm’ means ‘plain and tidy’;

‘qpr inm sen’ means ‘tiny but neat’;

‘hsm sen rso’ means ‘good but fitful’;

Which code word signifies the word ‘but’?

Solution – The code for ‘but’ would be ‘sen’.

Mixed Number Coding

This coding system involves encrypting numbers, wherein numbers are described in the form of letters/phrases. For example –

If 256 signifies a phrase ‘you are good’

637 signifies a phrase ‘you are bad’

358 signifies a phrase ‘good and bad’

So, what number represents the word ‘and’ in the given code?

Let’s establish the relationship between the given numbers and phrases-

6 represent ‘are’

3 represent ‘bad’

5 represent ‘good’

8 represent ‘and’

So, the answer is 8

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