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Best Newspapers for SBI PO Exam Preparation 2018

Coming straight to the point, reading newspaper is must if you are thinking of appearing in a competitive exam, which also means that if you want to crack any bank recruitment exam then you as a general rule must include reading newspaper as part of your practice sessions. But students often enquire, which newspaper they should read (as not all newspapers have the calibre to offer its readers with much needed information), hence in this post we will be discussing a few informative and updated newspapers along with information like: how and what to read in the newspaper and of course the best newspapers to read that will help the candidates in keeping their knowledge updated before appearing for their Bank PO exams.

The Hindu

This newspaper enjoys the reputation of one of the most popular newspapers in the country. What makes it so popular? Its popularity is because of its editorial standards, which covers current events of both national and international levels. The information provided is up-to-date, this helps the reader to make his own point of view on the topic and thus improves one’s analytical skills and interest in the currents events. Such skills when developed without much efforts help in solving current affairs and reading sections for the competitive exams. The language used in the newspaper is easy and simple to understand.

The Economics Times

The Economic Times is world’s second largest and India’s one of the largest financial daily. The basic coverage of this newspaper includes – the Indian Economy, Business news, International finance, etc. When you are preparing for a banking PO exam, then it is must for you to read this newspaper daily, as the newspaper offers a lot of information about the world of banking and finance. The newspaper not only provides information on what is currently happening in the business world but also helps the aspirants to achieve a better understanding of the everyday operations of the banking industry and financial markets. Talking about the language used in the newspaper, it is at par with the language used in the reading comprehension section of the banking examinations. Hence, reading and understanding the same language standards will boost one’s capabilities and confidence altogether.

The Indian Express

For those who want nothing but real news, the Indian Express is what you should include in your daily routine. Indian Express editorials are par excellence. It helps the candidates or even general readers in developing right approach and perspective towards a field called life, while still improving the vocabulary and knowledge necessary for appearing at the Bank recruitment examination. Another main advantage with the Indian express is its availability to all parts of the country.

These were the three main newspapers that are important for cracking a competitive exam. However, let’s focus on other aspects of newspaper reading:

What to read in the newspaper?

On the word of the industry leaders offering best online bank PO coaching, depending upon the type of questions asked in Bank PO exam, we can divide the newspaper reading into different sections, like:

  1. National News – It is important for the aspirants to never bunk off reading the national news in any of the above-mentioned newspapers. Because the bank exams have a separate section for General Awareness. It does not matter whether you are staying a metro city or in a small city, you should be aware of the things happening not only in your city but in your country as a whole. Being aware of what’s currently happening in your country would boost confidence while preparing and appearing for GD/PI, the final round in any Bank recruitment exam.
  2. Editorial – Editorial sections hold more than just coverage of any news or event. The section offers its readers (who happens to be aspirants for Bank jobs as well) with a complete understanding of the topic or the event, thus helping them to improve their critical thinking skills, again crucial for GD/PI round.
  3. International News – Again keeping the exam motive first, reading international news is important as well. Such sections include first-hand information on what is happening in almost every part of the world, which is crucial if you are preparing for the Bank PO examinations.
  4. Economy and Banking News – It is common sense that if you want to get a hand on information on banking and economy, it is important that you spare daily time reading economy and banking news. It is advised to read RBI and financial market news on daily basis.
  5. Sports – Last but not the least is the sports section, again if you are a sports enthusiast then keeping track of information about the sports world is not new to you, for others it is important to read about this daily because last few years have seen 2-3 questions from sports in Bank PO exam.

There can be endless tips and tricks available online on how to crack such important exams and these tips and tricks work well as well, however, what is important is the thorough preparation, which is possible by enrolling at a reputed coaching centre like and accessing their video lectures for bank PO.

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