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Awesome Vocabulary Quiz by Top SSC CGL Coaching in Delhi

So, we are back with another round of vocabulary dose for all of you. The difference here would be the questions will be based on antonyms rather than synonyms as you have attempted in the last few sets. Regardless of whether you are looking for the Best IBPS PO Online Coaching Classes or SSC CGL Preparation Courses for your target exam, these questions will surely aid your learning. Primary reason for this change is that you face such questions in the actual examination. But, that is obviously not the only reason because all of you must have been aware by now that we are trying to impart learning in a manner that helps you in retention of the facts. This is called life-long learning, instead of cramming for the examination only.

So, where exactly will you need these antonyms in your real life? Mostly we use the antonyms in negative connotations in our daily usage. Apart from that, sometimes, they are used with ‘not’ to emphasize the connotation opposite to a certain word. Here, our main objective is that you learn the words that are diametrically opposite to a given word. That will complete your learning of a word i.e. you know the meaning, you know some other words that imply the same connotation as well and you also become aware of the opposite meanings of the word. Obviously, last but not the least, with our quizzes you get to learn the application of the words. Thus, it is the 360-Degree learning methodology.

Having said all these things, let us now proceed towards the quiz that we have meticulously designed for all of you. Go through it; learn the words, their synonyms and antonyms along with the application of that word. Try to think of the situations in which the opposite word may come in handy for you while writing or speaking.

We hope that it will help you in your overall learning journey.

Direction (Q. 1-20): Find the word that is opposite in meaning to the given word.

Question 1: Dainty
A. Clumsy
B. Elegant
C. Prolong
D. Decomposed

Solution: Option A

Synonyms: Graceful, Elegant and Cute

Example: We have not come across such a dainty person in our life before.

Question 2: Defer
A. Contaminate
B. Postpone
C. Accelerate
D. Devastate

Solution: Option C

Synonyms: Delay, Adjourn and Postpone

Example: The deadline has now been deferred indefinitely in view of the ongoing pandemic.

Question 3: Abjure
A. Destitute
B. Assume
C. Compel
D. Accrue

Solution: Option B

Synonyms: Renounce, Withdraw and Renege

Example: All the team members were requested to abjure their existing decision-making authority.

Question 4: Amplify
A. Repel
B. Contract
C. Enhance
D. Relieve

Solution: Option B

Synonyms: Intensify, Augment and Enlarge

Example: The speech of the headmaster further amplified his anger towards the education system.

Question 5: Commendation
A. Calumny
B. Adversity
C. Disillusion
D. Accolade

Solution: Option A

Synonyms: Praise, Admiration and Acclamation

Example: The employee deserves commendation for his role in the success of the company.

Question 6: Captivity
A. Confinement
B. Lustful
C. Liberty
D. Barbarity

Solution: Option C

Synonyms: Incarceration, Confinement and Bondage

Example: An animal in captivity cannot be considered to be happy with its situation.

Question 7: Spiritual
A. Blunt
B. Inglorious
C. Indurate
D. Carnal

Solution: Option D

Synonyms: Metaphysical, Devotional and Sacred

Example: He has a spiritual bent of mind and not everybody can understand it correctly.

Question 8: Disintegrate
A. Legalize
B. Pulverize
C. Cement
D. Mortar

Solution: Option C

Synonyms: Collapse, Fragment and Dismantle

Example: Their marriage disintegrated because of misunderstanding and lack of quality time.

Question 9: Headstrong
A. Pliable
B. Opaque
C. Misery
D. Giant

Solution: Option A

Synonyms: Foolhardy, Recalcitrant and Intractable

Example: Kevin is such a headstrong person that you really cannot think of placing him in an important position.

Question 10: Encumbrance
A. Incentive
B. Hindrance
C. Colossal
D. Aspiration

Solution: Option A

Synonyms: Hindrance, Impediment and Burden

Example: Please do not forget to notify the details regarding the encumbrance on the property you are mortgaging with the bank.

Question 11: Frantic
A. Agitated
B. Extravagant
C. Composed
D. Mirthful

Solution: Option C

Synonyms: Frenzied, Worried and Hysterical

Example: His frantic attempts to dislodge others from the position have not yielded any result till date.

Question 12: Hamstrung
A. Efficacious
B. Conviction
C. Security
D. Abrupt

Solution: Option A

Synonyms: Counterproductive, Inefficient and Feckless

Example: The players seemed to have been hamstrung by their own inhibitions.

Question 13: Impenitent
A. Affluent
B. Deliberate
C. Cautious
D. Repentant

Solution: Option D

Synonyms: Remorseless, Shameless and Unrepentant

Example: The arm-chair critics are often impenitent for their words and actions.

Question 14: Candor
A. Complication
B. Robust
C. Evasiveness
D. Extraneous

Solution: Option C

Synonyms: Candidness, Frankness and Openness

Example: Everybody loves a man of refreshing candor since such a person may be inclined towards help you.

Question 15: Lax
A. Slack
B. Attentive
C. Severe
D. Stingy

Solution: Option B

Synonyms: Negligent, Slack and Slipshod

Example: You should not have lax security at the entrance of such as a high-profile function.

Question 16: Luxuriant
A. Barren
B. Unsavory
C. Mystifying
D. Metrical

Solution: Option A

Synonyms: Lush, Overgrown and Verdant

Example: The beautiful lady tossed her luxuriant dark hair and everybody was mesmerized by her beauty.

Question 17: Infuriate
A. Placate
B. Irritate
C. Dissuade
D. Lure

Solution: Option A

Synonyms: Incense, Enrage and Provoke

Example: Jason’s lack of sincerity infuriated all the interview board members.

Question 18: Miraculous
A. Arrogant
B. Prosaic
C. Gallant
D. Strapping

Solution: Option B

Synonyms: Astonishing, Amazing and Incredible

Example: It is miraculous that the young boy could be saved by the doctors.

Question 19: Munificent
A. Faithful
B. Distinct
C. Parsimonious
D. Generous

Solution: Option C

Synonyms: Generous, Bountiful and Fulsome

Example: One rarely comes across such munificent behavior these days.

Question 20: Odious
A. Descendant
B. Latent
C. Ambiguous
D. Innocuous

Solution: Option D

Synonyms: Repugnant, Obnoxious and Abhorrent

Example: Jennifer turned out to be quite an odious character and we finally decided not to work with her ever.

This is it from us this time. Hope you have learnt something new from this quiz and you will definitely be able to apply your learning whenever and wherever required. The examinations are coming and we, at Vidya Guru, will be there for you always to help you sail through the journey. For free exam preparation Coaching Videos do follow us on our YouTube Channel. The Lectures published on our channel will give you 100% clarity about our Best CDS Online Classes and Video Courses for Bank PO / Clerk, SSC and CTET.

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This word quiz has been published by Vidya Guru English language experts who have over 15 Years experience of guiding thousands of students to success in various Competitive Exams.

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