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Awesome Vocabulary Quiz by Top IBPS Online Coaching in India

Welcome once again to our blog!!Welcome once again to our blog!!

We are back with a new set of the ‘Learn Vocabulary’ quiz series where we are going to ensure that you learn a word for the lifetime. The thing with good English writing skills is that you should have a diverse pool of words available at your beck and call so that your write-up does not suffer from the issue of repetition of a single word, time and again.

Being the Centre for Best SSC Online Coaching in Delhi / NCR, it is our promise that if you follow what we preach, your stock of words will definitely improve a lot. While learning new words, think about the job you are applying for. Where will English come into the picture in such jobs?

It will come into picture every single day when you communicate with your controlling office or in other official communication. Yes, we are trying to make you learn these words keeping in mind you will have to apply them on a regular basis. It is not just about knowing the synonyms and antonyms, but also knowing how to form sentences using the words you have learnt.

We sincerely hope that all of you will appreciate this effort of our team and we shall be able to help you in improving your vocabulary base for a lifetime. That is our motto. Go through the quiz. Attempt it, learn and more importantly, assimilate what you are learning. We wish you all the best for your journey.

Directions (Q. 1-20): From the available options, find out the word that is similar in meaning to the given word.

Question 1. Vivacious
A. Spirited
B. Slurred
C. Ingenious
D. Virtuous

Solution: Option A 

Example: His vivacious nature brings all his acquaintances closer to him.

Question 2. Vilify
A. Wary
B. Circumspect
C. Malign
D. Repudiate

Solution: Option C 

Ex. Mark’s attempts at vilifying us fell flat on his face when the principal appreciated us for our team effort.

Question 3. Wile
A. Abdicate
B. Artifice
C. Threat
D. Wither

Solution: Option B 

Ex. She didn’t use any feminine wiles in order to get her work done in the assembly and that should be praised.

Question 4. Zest
A. Apex
B. Enthusiasm
C. Languish
D. Oblique

Solution: Option B

Ex. They finished the task with much zeal but when we asked them to rework on the project, they simply stopped talking to us.

Question 5. Venerable
A. Valorous
B. Esteemed
C. Vigilant
D. Novice

Solution: Option B

Ex. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is respected in the world as a venerable statesman.

Question 6. Vagrant
A. Coward
B. Conceited
C. Imploring
D. Wanderer

Solution: Option D

Ex. The monk had to travel from one place to another like a vagrant.

Question 7. Umbrage
A. Goodwill
B. Awkward
C. Egoistic
D. Resentment

Solution: Option D

Ex. We did not take any umbrage at Nina’s outburst against our company.

Question 8. Tyro
A. Trifling
B. Duplicitous
C. Novice
D. Incisive

Solution: Option C

Ex. Kyle is just a tyro in this field and you cannot really blame him for all this mess.

Question 9. Trenchant
A. Composed
B. Temporal
C. Sharp
D. Insignificant

Solution: Option C 

Ex. The study makes some trenchant criticism against the education sector in the country.

Question 10. Tenacious
A. Stubborn
B. Dispersing
C. Furious
D. Dislodging

Solution: Option A

Ex. Noah held on to the company tenaciously even though all the other employees had left it much earlier.

Question 11. Stupor
A. Filthy
B. Squalid
C. Lethargy
D. Shallow

Solution: Option C

Ex. Vicky’s drunken stupor has affected the company’s reputation a lot and it will not be tolerated any more at any cost.

Question 12. Subterfuge
A. Counterfeit
B. Stratagem
C. Scorn
D. Blemish
Solution: Option B

Ex. The sales director of that company always resorts to subterfuge to get projects from the clients.

Question 13. Reverence
A. Affront
B. Remorse
C. Vanquishing
D. Esteem

Solution: Option D 

Ex. Flowing obituaries are written in order to show reverence to successful people after their death.

Question 14. Ordain
A. Insurrection
B. Cajole
C. Fecundate
D. Impose

Solution: Option D

Ex. The court has ordained similar punishment for both the crimes though the impact of the crimes was different.

Question 15. Nimble
A. Covetous
B. Baneful
C. Prompt
D. Profuse

Solution: Option C 

Ex. It becomes quite evident from Alice’s performance that she is very nimble at learning new things.

Question 16. Languid
A. Lunatic
B. Palatable
C. Apathetic
D. Rational
Solution: Option C 

Ex. Jason is such a languid fellow that nobody wants to talk to him regarding anything.

Question 17. Frolicsome
A. Cheerful
B. Tender
C. Poignant
D. Paragon

Solution: Option A

Ex. Achin’s frolicsome nature is something that attracts people to him and he can also inspire them very well.

Question 18. Judicious
A. Jaded
B. Jovial
C. Thoughtful
D. Melancholic

Solution: Option C 

Ex. You should be judicious with spending your money so that you do not become broke.

Question 19. Pharisaism
A. Meek
B. Hypocrisy
C. Contrite
D. Equitable

Solution: Option B

Ex. You should not indulge in pharisaism if you are not of any help to others since you should first learn to do what you preach.

Question 20. Fallacy
A. Delusion
B. Fraternity
C. Argument
D. Deflection

Solution: Option A 

Ex. The belief that the sun moves round the earth was nothing but a fallacy created by the religious bigots.

This brings to the end the set of our Learn Vocabulary Series. We hope that all of you are enjoying the learning experience with us. We are committed to bringing to you in insights and methods that will give you that extra zing in your preparation. We know that there are many sources of attempting quizzes etc. but our main objective is to make you understand how to learn and retain things, rather than just making you practice without any proper target in place. For more such amazing and interactive posts, follow us on Vidya Guru Blog. Apart from following our blog, for accessing Top Banking and SSC CGL Video Lectures in English and Hindi, do subscribe to Vidya Guru YouTube Channel.We are not stopping here. We have designed some courses that will definitely blow your mind (we promise). You may learn more about these courses from the home page itself. Go and grab it, guys. All the Best!!

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